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You rock, lady! And happen to look awesome in every incarnation of your shape! Now lemme borrow that vintage-y feedsack looking dress :)

don't you wanna ask the innernet to feel your muscles?

All yours, Melissa! I'll send it along later this month. I actually thought about you when I came across it the other day!

And gretchen, no. I want to MAKE teh innernet feel my muscles. Even though it makes the innernet visibly uncomfortable when I insist.

The best part of all of it is your attitude.

Tine, I don't know that anyone has ever said that of me. :) Thank you.

Oh sweet! If it looks half as good on me as it does on you, I'm set! Though… no chickens here. Mebbe I'll see if I can scrounge up a goat or two?

Our stories are similar, but I am behind you on the running. It's helping, but I'm not running near as much as you (sans your injury). But my attitude about my belly? Nowhere near as healthy as yours.

Good for you.

Jill, thanks -- that attitude is hard-won. It took a lot, a LOT, of work to get there (mental effort, I mean), and even still I require periodic tune-ups.

I guess I wanted to show everybody what a body can look like and still be loved by its inhabitant (and inhabitant's spouse). And what a pretty normal variation on the commonly seen version of the female abdomen looks like.

Also: dudes, behold. This shit is what happens to some of us. Deal.

Oh and! One of the biggest factors in my developing and maintaining this attitude over the years has been the unconditional AWESOMENESS of husband Sean. When I showed him that old picture of me on the road trip, he said, you were beautiful then. You're beautiful now. :faints:

OH HEY! I totally get the "I don't know what I look like." I'm the same way. I look at pictures when I was at my lowest about ten years ago and ask myself WHY I WAS SO DISSATISFIED WITH MY BODY. (I was a chubby teen, weight dropped off when I took up smoking and coffee in place of food). Since then I've fluctuated up and down (I was about 50 pounds heavier at my highest weight) though I've been pretty stable the last couple of years and I STILL can't go into a store and grab clothes in the right size. I almost always grab too big. Sigh. I hope my brain catches up to my body some day.

See, that's the thing--the support from a loving husband. Sometimes I think I could do that, but then I realize that as much as my wonderful husband says he supports me and loves me and will make time for me to be able to go run/walk/skip/whatever, when it comes right down to it it doesn't happen. At least not for a consistent enough stretch to make a difference. Or instead of him saying something genuinely supportive like "I'm going to make dinner--you get out and exercise" it'll be something more like "when's the last time you went out and exercised? By the way, I can jog to *wherever* and back now without getting winded! Isn't that great! Too bad you can't do that." Then I end up feeling like I'm inconveniencing everyone to take 30 minutes out of the house to myself. And here I am, (almost) the flabbiest I've ever been (being pregnant doesn't count). Wow, that sounded like a whinefest. And that my husband is a jerk. He's really not. usually.

I'll tell you what, my belly looks like that after the second kid, and I have never weighed very much, and didn't gain very much with either of my pregnancies. That IS a baby belly.

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