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This cure saved me when nothing else did. I am so thankful you shared it with me. I found boric acid at the pharmacy, behind the counter... so ask the pharmacist if you can't find it.

Any thoughts on this: http://www.newchapter.com/probiotics/probiotic-all-flora#supplement-facts ?
I bought it to help with yeast and then discovered that the prebiotic aspect had things like soy and apple and I feared that my vag would not appreciate such things, so I have only used it orally.

Regarding the boric acid powder, I have found that the best method for filling the capsules is to dump some out onto the lid of a container (like what the Chinese store lemonade comes in, or the bulk pickle container) and plow the open capsule through the powder pile. Alllso, you can use the empty acidophilus capsules for the boric acid since you're chucking them anyway. (I live in New York City, yet somehow I have been completely unable to find empty capsules ANYWHERE.)

I had thrush for like 2 weeks one time. I got it after having some ridiculous stomach virus/bacterial infection.
Sorry. Just trying to relate. Fucking vaginocentric blog.

Well I can't resist this one ...

Agreed! AND let me add a slew of things:

1. Don't let a doctor (or ask a doctor to) give you antibiotics for bronchitis or an ear infection or "in case it's strep" or "in case it turns bacterial" or most sinusitis (because in adults - even mostly in children - those are ALL from viruses, and even if there were a bacteria in there somewhere, your body CAN handle it) and you'll be way less likely to get the yeast infection (vaginal or oral, Armin) in the first place. If you are reasonably healthy at baseline, antibacterial antibiotics are for near-certain strep, bladder infections, some skin infections, and pneumonia.

2. They sell plain gelatin in capsules - that's what I used to empty out for this treatment

3. You're not looking to eradicate every last shred of yeast - you're just trying to reestablish a balance

4. Cutting sweets and other simple carbs out of your diet can help a lot, and if not, it's good for you anyway

5. The over the counter yeast creams that are the old-fashioned 7 day treatments (as opposed to the 1 or 3 day ones) have the least oil in them, which, yes, doesn't agree with the poon

6. One dose of oral flucanazole is the least violent prescription approach I've found, but takes a couple of days for results

Oh! and! they sell boric acid powder as roach killer! just make sure it's the 100% kind ... WITHOUT roach bait :-O

WORD, Dr. A! Those are GREAT additions!

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