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Oooooh Goody! I love TMI every day of the week,and I haven't experienced the whole compliment of Peery sisters!

You done fixed my broken-fiddle funk!

I ate up all the pie, but I do have some nice pinot noir to share. There's plenty to go around. Will that do?

Yes! Yes! Yes! It's about goddamned time, bitches!


I can't believe we never hung out when you were in Philly.

Awww, shit. Just what I needed, another place to procrastinate working. Now the Peery sisters are blogging together. Sorry job, I have bigger fish to fry!

That damn Judy Blume book terrified me about menstruation. And you know what, I SHOULD have been terrified, just not of the mythology of belts.

Weee!! This is gonna be awesome!

Now for Pete's sake, go clean your fingernails.

WOO-HOO!!!!!! Aren't you back with a vengeance??!! And with sisters to boot? This is going to be awesome (ok, let's keep up the ridiculous rhyming, it's going to be a hoot!).


whew. that was exciting.

oh, and also: "Besides, part of you actually enjoys the heroic drama and the baby-fresh feelings that come over you as you reanimate yourself from the soot and cinders. Ready for another go?" -your horoscope this week. but you already knew about that.

Kateri, I know, right? The best part is I hadn't even considered it with regard to the blog, we are.

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