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And you figured out the categories! Good job. Gooooood jooooooob.

Except I notice you made "Because I Piss Excellence" a category. What would that comprise, I wonder.

Because I Plan To Piss Excellence Again in the Future. Title case, because I may make that a category as well because you felt the need to point out my lack of familiarity with TypePad.

'Fuck that BooBerry noise' has put me in the best possible mood today.

What is DWF ISO? Design web something something??

DWF ISO is probably dating personals shorthand for Divorced White Female In Search Of. But I put nothing past these ladies.

You hit the nail on the head. I was trying to make it sound like a cheesy personal, because that's what I felt like I was writing as I was trying to compose my introductory post (damn, it was difficult to follow Joanna!).

Wow, Jared. How'd you know that? How exactly did you come to have that knowledge right at your fingertips?

How does Frankenberry rate? He has that peaceful oblivion in his eyes as he gently converts your plain, boring milk into a strawberry cloud. My two cents.

Indeed...Frankenberry is Count Chocula's foil. And for that reason, deserves a rating comparable to that of the Count. But BooBerry serves no such complementary purpose...and is not good enough to be eaten on his own merit.

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